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My Thought Tank!!!

    If you have ever known a Stratton, you know we are highly opinionated and hardheaded.  Below are some of my one paragraph opinions.  Your comments are welcomed.

   Obviously, "political correctness" is not always Bible or Godly
   A moral nation will not tolerate an immoral leader for long. Nor
will an immoral nation tolerate a moral leader for long.
   It's amazing!!!  Bill Clinton is giving the Brady Bill credit
for the drop in the crime rate.  However, the crime rate has only gone down in states that have passed "right to carry" gun laws.
All other states have seen a rise in crime.
   Bill Clinton is a spoiled brat that has never grown up.
   "The truth will set you free."  The Clinton administration is
in trouble.
   How could the Civil War have been over slavery when Article 1,
section 9, paragraph 1 of the Confederate Constitution outlawed the
importation of slaves and one of the first things the Confederate
Congress did was to set 250,000 slaves free?
   Check the old census records and you will discover a large per-
centage of slave owners were black themselves.  One black man in
South Louisiana owned 125 slaves himself.
   By the way, the North had their slaves also.  They just called
them "maids, butlers and portors."
   The liberals claim that guns kill people.  I always thought people
killed people.  If they are right, which we know they are not, then
tire tools, baseball bats, knives, trains, planes, automobiles,
industry and human hands also kill people.  Let's outlaw all these
things and return to the caves.
    There is no longer a penny worth of difference between a Re-
publican and a Democrat.  They all lie.
    Something is wrong with a nations priorities when a person gets
12 years in prison (Florida) for killing a cat and a person only
gets three years for killing a newborn human being.
    If monopolies are against the anti-trust laws, then why is it
that a large numbers of localities are served by only one telephone
company, one natural gas company, one power and light company.
    When our forefathers mentioned "seperation of church and state,"
they meant there would be no national church, such as the Church of
England.  They did not mean that God and prayer was to be banned from 
our schools and government proceedings.
    Why is it that certain minoritites hate the Republican Party when
it was a Republican in office when slavery was abolished?  It was 
also a Republican administration that desegragated the public schools.
Welfare and food stamps:  a government ploy to keep the poor under
the foot of the wealthy.  Give someone something for nothing and
he will remain nothing.
The Bill of Rights and our Constitution is being raped.  First by our
judicial system and second by the Clinton Administration.
The United Nations is a forerunner of the world government that the
Holy Bible warns us about.  The New World Order is set to achieve
that goal.
The Constitution of the United States of America states that the 
sole purpose of the Federal Government is to protect us from foreign
aggression.  While it is true that no foreign entity has moved against
us on our soil, the Government has grossly failed in our protection.
The Government has allowed outside entities to buy our corporations
and by free trade agreements have allowed our jobs to outside our
The commercial says "save our children."  It refers to hunger.  But
a bigger problem is perverted adults abusing our children.  Let's
make child abuse a capital offense, punishable by death.
A drunk driver involved in a fatal accident is just as guilty of mur-
der as a person that uses a gun, knife or anything else to kill some-
one.  In such case, the charge should be 1st degree murder.
We have elderly people who cannot afford to turn their air condi-
tioners on because of high utility rates.  Why then, do we provide
criminals against society with air conditioned cells, as well as many
other conveniences that many of our honest people cannot afford.
A local county government recently built a new jail that provides an
exercise room for prisoners.  A better way to give convicts the ex-
ercise they need is the rock pile.  It is also less expensive to our
A way to reduce the jail and prison overcrowding is this.  All first
time capital offenders--30 days of extremely hard labor in a peniten-
tiary.  Second offense--60 days of the same.  Third offense--death.
The best way to balance the national budget is to do away with all
the useless government agencies (which is 99 percent of them) and
return to each state the right to govern themselves.
Wake up America!!!!  Look what happened to the old Roman Empire when
immorality and corruption abounded.
Hillary is more dangerous than Bill.
The major problem with our education system is that the Ten Command-
ments and prayer have been removed from our schools.
The biggest problem with American family life is that our parents no
longer have time for children.  Both parents work, then come home and
are "too tired" to spend any time with their children.
Bill Clinton says he "feels my pain."  If so, why does he keep raising
my taxes and continuously tries to take my freedoms away?
History proves that when a nation relies on God, they are inventive
and prosperous.  When that nation turns their back on God, they lose
their creativeness and prosperity.
We hear so much, and rightly so, about street gangs and their crimes.
But what about the corporate gangs whose financial gains continue to
grow at a far more rapid pace then their employees.
We need a modern day Robin Hood.
Entertainment has become more important to our society than pro-
ductivity in the work place.  Proof:  Big time professional en-
tainers are being paid millions each year.  The American laborer,
on an average, makes less than $50,000 per year.  Something is
wrong when we pay more for entertainment than we earn!
It is time for another Boston Tea Party!!!
Beware:  The American people are already heavily taxed.  But watch
out for the United Nations...they want to tax us also.
We need a new law that states that only middle and low income persons
can serve in a political office.
Until the mid 1900s a person could serve four-four year terms as
President of the United States.  Now, thank God, a person can only
serve two four-year terms.  The Confederate States had a better idea.
All political offices in the Confederate States could only be
held for one six-year term.
Despite all the prblems of this nation, America is still the best place in the world to live.  If it is not, why is it that so many
foreigners want to move here?
Taxes are a necessity.  However, our tax structure needs changing to where everyone pays their fair share.
I ran for political office once.  My opponent spent $5,000 on his
campaign.  I spent $50.00.  Eight hundred votes were cast and I lost
by 25 votes.  I guess I should have spent another $50.00.
The rich do not pay their share of the taxes because they make the
laws.  The poor gets a break because the rich man figures he has
already robbed them enough.
I read the other day where the leading retailer in America pays its
top administrators over $1,000,000 per year.  But the lowly cashier
makes only a little above minimum wage.  It takes the "Big Dog" only
.15 seconds to make what the cashier makes in one hour.
Affirmative Action--a totally big joke.  How would you like to go to
an emergency room at a hospital to find that the Doctor treating you was there because of race rather than his knowledge and/or qualifications. What a nightmare!!!!!
I have known many atheists.  Strange, when they were on their death
beds, they suddenly began believing in God.
Bill Clinton recently said there was no reason why every child in
America could not get a college education.  He said there was plenty
of money available for everyone.  Well Bill, I have a friend that
has a daughter that wants to go to college.  However, everywhere she 
has applied for financial assistance has turned her down because her
father makes too much money--$30,000 a year.  Billy Boy, if I sent you
her name, would you donate the money to her, so she can get that education you promised her.  Or was this another of your untruths.
Concerning a raise, a congressman recently said if he did get a raise
he would not be able to send his child to college.  With his pay for
his position alone, he makes over $120,000 a year.  What makes him
think we can send our children to college on $30,000 a year.
Inappropriate Affair!!!!  Slick Willie Clinton has done it again.  The
master of the English vocabulary has admitted nothing.  "Inappropriate
affair" could cover anything.  I listened to your speech, Bill,  but I never heard "I'm sorry".  I never heard "forgive me America."  I tried to feel your "pain," Bill, but that was difficult because it did not sound like you were feeling any.
On a bumper sticker:  "As long as there are tests given, there will
be prayer in our public schools."


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