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The Stratton Family

It is believed that all Strattons, Stratons, Strettons, Struttons and other spellings of the name descended from Walter de Stratton of 15th century England. Walter de Stratton descended from a long line of French royalty that goes back to the 10th century Duke of Normandy. I have recently found Walter's ancestry that goes back to the year 160 AD.

Walter de Stratton also had one ancestor, King Henry I, that held the throne of England for a time, and a son, John Stratton, that was married to a fourth generation grand daughter, Elizabeth Luttrell, of King Edward I, of England.

However, we have only been able to take our line of Strattons back to Hampton House Stratton, b. 1795, in North Carolina. We have found two men that have strong possibilities of being the father of Hampton House--John Hampton Stratton, born in Virginia and Suriah Stratton, lived in Virginia. We are putting forth every effort to find Hampton House's father and hope to have him for you soon.

Stratton and Allen Descendant Trees

1.  Hampton House (1) Stratton, b. 1795, North Carolina; d. Tennessee
    +Susan Baker, b. 1810, Tennessee; d. Tennessee
    2. John Stratton, b. 1830, Henderson Co., Tn.
       +Anne Pope
    2. William H. Stratton, b. 24 June 1833, m. 4 May 1859 
         Lauderdale Co., Tn.
       +Sallie A. Waldron
    2. Hampton House (2) Stratton, b. 24 June 1833, South Carolina;
         m. in Missouri; d. 18 September 1937, Ellsinore, Mo.
       +Nancy Anne Hedrick, b. 1846 in Georgia; d. 1905, Ellsinore,
       3. Uriah Lafette Stratton, b. 21 April 1880, d. 1926, Calhoun
            County, Arkansas
          +Mary Margaret Allen, b. 1880, Tennessee; d. 1948, Union 
            County, Arkansas
          4. Ollie Stratton, b. 1900 in Missouri; m. 26 August 
               1917; d. Calhoun Co., Arkansas
             +Frank Blann
          4. Gladys Stratton, b. Calhoun Co., Arkansas
             +?? Splawn
          4. Ola Mae Stratton, b. 15 April 1912, Calhoun Co., 
               Arkansas, m. Calhoun Co., Arkansas; d. El Dorado,
               Union, Arkansas
             +John Karriker
          4. Lillian Jane Stratton, 1906 Calhoun Co., Arkansas;
               ma. 6 Febuary 1925; d. 1985, Calhoun Co., 
             +Preston Ables, b. Calhoun Co., Arkansas;d. Calhoun
               Co., Arkansas
          4. Jesse Stratton, b. 1915, Calhoun Co., Arkansas;
               d. 1936 Calhoun Co., Arkansas
          4. Hampton David Stratton, b. 29 September 1917
               Calhoun Co., Arkansas
             +Dorothy Lurlene Reeves, b. 15 October 1925
               Columbia Co., Arkansas
          4. Herbert Uriah Stratton, b. Calhoun Co., Ar
             +Dessie Lee Reeves
       3. Emma Stratton, b. Missouri
       3. Belle Stratton, b. Missouri
       3. Alice Stratton, b. Missouri
       3. Media Stratton, b. Missouri
       3. James D. Stratton, b. Missouri
       3. Casper Lee Stratton, b. 27 Feb. 1872; m. 2 Sept. 1896
            Wayne Co., Mo.; d. 20 May 1935, Ouachita Co., 
          +Almarine Clubb
       3. John Edward Stratton, b. Wayne Co., Mo.; d. Crossett,
            Ashley Co., Arkansas
       3. Martha Stratton, b. Missouri
    2. Earl Harvey Stratton, b. Piedmont, Bollinger Co., Missouri
       +Bertha Clemons
    2. Cynthia Stratton, b. 1835 Tennessee
    2. Nancy L. Stratton, b. 1837 Tennessee
    2. Charles H. Stratton, b. 1839 Tennessee
    2. Thomas Gail Stratton, b. 1846 Obion Co., Tennessee;
         d. June 1930
       +Susanna Rebecca Brown
    2. Susan M. Stratton, b. 1851 Obion Co., Tennessee
       +William Hedrick
    2. Uriah Stratton, b. 5 June 1825 Tennessee; d. 23 December
         1898 in Grandin, Missouri
       +Leacy Pride
1.  Josiah Allen, b. about 1720, Scotland; d. 1816, Greene Co., Ga.
    +Unknown, b. 1722 in Ireland; m. about 1740, Colleton Co., SC;
       d. in Georgia.
       2.  Benjamin Allen, b. 1758, Colleton Co., SC; d. Barnwell
          District, SC.
       +   Jane Russell, b. about 1758,Colleton Co., SC; m. 28
          March 1776, Darlington District, SC; d. Barnwell District.
          3. William Jesse Allen, b. about 1778, Edgefield District,
             +Susannah Unknown, b. about 1780, Edgefield District, SC;
               m. 1800, Edgefield District, SC.
             4. William Jesse Allen, b. 25 August 1801, Tennessee;
                 d. 31 August 1875.
                +Matilda Fort, b. 1801, Tennessee; m. 1821, Orange
                  Co., Indiana, d. 21 July 1872, Reynolds Co., MO.
                5. Charles W. Allen, b. 3 January 1833, Marion Co.,
                   +Delilah Hedrick
                   6. Mary Margaret Allen, b. 10 May 1879; m. about
                        1898 in Missouri; d. Feb., 1948, El Dorado,
                        Union, AR.
                      +Uriah LaFette Stratton, see above tree.
                   6. William B. Allen
                   6. Oren
                   6. Ray
                   6. Gilbert



Unsolved Family Puzzles

Who was Hampton House Stratton's father? According to family stories Hampton House was born in North Carolina but his father was from Virginia. If you can solve this puzzle, please let us know.

Was Charles Sherwood "Tom Thumb" Stratton a son, nephew, or uncle of the above Hampton House Stratton? According to one of my great uncles, Charles Sherwood is in our ancestry. We would like to know where he fits in.

We are still looking for the my grandmother's parents. Her name was Mary Margaret Allen (found in the above tree). Mary had a brother named William B. Allen. There are possibly other brothers named Ray, Oren and Gilbert. A sister was married to Oscar Percival and they lived in Peoria, Ill.

Any help in solving the above puzzles would be greatly appreciated.

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