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A Brief Spillers History

The earliest of our Spillers line that we have found is John
Spillers, living in 1760 in Fairfield Co., South Carolina.

Later generations began to migrate westward through Alabama,
Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas.  We have found
this surname spelled Spiller, Spilliars and Spilliers.

Descendent Tree of John Spiller

1. John Spiller, b. about 1760; died in Fairfax Co. South Carolina.
   +Elizabeth (last name unknown)
   2. George Spillers
   2. John Spillers, b. 1788, Fairfax, SC; d. 1855, Union Parish,
      +Cathrine Hilliard
      3. James Spillers, b. 1808
      3. Lavereen Spillers, b. 5 August 1813.
      3. Alford Spillers, b. 1818.
      3. Hilliard Spillers, b. 1816.
      3. John W. Spillers, b. 1825, Fairfax, SC; d. 19 July 1862;
          Fort Delaware, Delaware.
         +Sarah Catherine (last name unknown)
         4. Elizabeth Spillers, b. 1849, Pickens Co., Alabama;
             d. Columbia Co., Arkansas.
            +Henry David Reeves, see The Reeves Page.
         4. Mary J. Spillers, b. 5 October 1852.
         4. Nancy Spillers, b. 1854
         4. Margaret Spillers, b. 1856
         4. John W. Spillers, Junior, b. 1857.
         4. Alford Spillers, b. 1859
         4. Arvie Spillers, b. 1863

Spillers Puzzles

Who were the parents of John Spiller?

Where was John Spiller born?  Did he move to America from
England or was born in the colonies?

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