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A Short History of Sneed

It is known that the Sneed's came out of England to America.
In our Sneed line, Robert Sneed may have been the first to cross
the Atlantic.  We have not been able to find a date or place
of birth for Robert, but we do know he lived and died in
Accomack Co., Virginia in the late 1600s.

The early Sneed's in America were apparently active in the local
government of Accomack.  Robert served as sheriff of Accomack
County for several years, then took the office of County Recorder.
After leaving the office of Sheriff, his eldest son took that

The family then began migrating westward with some moving into
Tennessee and others going to South Carolina, Alabama and Miss-
issippi.  The name is also found to be spelled Snead.

A Sneed Descendent Tree

1. Robert Sneed, died in Accomack Co., Virginia.
   2. John Sneed, b. 27 June 1739, Accomack Co., Va.; d.
        6 September 1793, Accomack Co., Va.
      +Mary Gooch
      3. Robert Sneed, b. 23 May 1762, Accomcack Co., Va.;
           d. 19 January 1841, Accomack Co., Va.
         +Sophia Harris
         4. George Washington Sneed, b. probably in Accomack
              Co., Va.; d. 1794, Hanover Co., Va.
            5. George Washington Sneed, b. 1794, Hanover Co., Va.
               +Mary DeLoach Sneed, b. 1796, Tennessee.
               6. George Washington Sneed, b. 30 August 1852,
                    Lauderdale Co., Alabama; m. 22 March 1870,
                    Columbia Co., Arkansas; d. 18 March 1922,
                    Columbia  Co., Arkansas.
                  +Martha Brasher, b. 1857, Columbia Co., Ar.
                    See Brasher page.
                  7. Worda Francis Sneed, b. 31 August 1891, 
                      McNeil, Columbia, Ar.; m. 26 August,
                      Columbia Co., Ar.; d. 28 August 1960,
                      Magnolia, Columbia, Ar.
                     +Madison Floyd Reeves.  See Reeves Page.
                  7. Luther Sneed
                     +Arizona Bailey
                  7. Oscar Sneed
                  7. Richard Sneed
                  7. Sammy Sneed
                  7. Dessie Sneed
                     +Donnie Lanius
                  7. Ursie Sneed
                     +Henry Camp
                  7. Lennie Sneed
                     +Bill Sanders
                  7. Florence Sneed
                  7. Ordna Sneed
                     +John Burdine
                  7. Gurdie Sneed
                     +lst Bill Sneed
                     +2nd Ed Lang
               6. Mary J. Sneed
               6. H.L. Sneed
            5. John Sneed

Sneed Puzzles

Who were Robert Sneed's parents?  Was he born in Virginia or
one of the other colonies?  Or was he born in England?

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