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A Reeves History

The Reeves family has been traced to the year 1490 and the birth
of Robert Ryves in England.  We are still searching for his parents
but some family genealogists believe they migrated from France to
England in the mid to late 1400s.

While in England the family became close to throne of England and
for several generations they were educators at Oxford University
and churches officials in the Church of England.

This surname has been found to undergo several changes in spelling
such as Rives, Reavis, Reaves, Reeves, Reeve and others.

The first, in our line, to come to America was Timothy Rives, who
settled in Virginia sometime between 1608 and 1640.  From Virginia,
later generations migrated to North Carolina, South Carolina, 
Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas.

A Descendent Tree of Robert Ryves

1. Robert Ryves, b. 1490, England; d. 1551, Blandford, Dorcetshire,
   2. Agnes Ryves
   2. John Ryves (John of Damory Court), b. 1514, Blandford,
       Dorcetshire, England.
      +Ann Harvey, b. Tarant, Launceton, England; d. probably at
        Damory Court, Dorcetshire, England.
      3. Mary Ryves, b. 1538, Damory Court.
      3. Margaret Ryves, b. 1540, Damory Court.
      3. Jane Ryves, b. 1542, Damory Court.
      3. Robert Ryves, b. 1544, Damory Court.
      3. Richard Ryves, b. 1547, Damory Court.
         4. Timothy Rives, b. 1588, Oxford, England; d. 1643,
             Oxford, England.
            +Mary (last name unknown)
            5. Richard Rives, b. 1623, Oxford, England.
            5. Timothy Rives, b. 9 August 1625, Oxford, England.
            5. George Rives, b. 1636, Oxford, England; d. 1677.
            5. William Ryves, b. 1636, Oxford, England; d. About
                1695, Surry Co., Virginia.
               6. George Rives, b. Virginia.
               6. Robert Rives, b. Virginia.
                  +Sara (last name unknown).
               6. John Rives, b. Virginia.
               6. Timothy Rives, b. Virginia.
               6. William Cabel Rives, b. 1680, Virginia; d. 1751
                   Granville Co., North Carolina.
                  +Margaret Burgess
                  7. James Reeves.
                  7. William Cabel Reeves, b. about 1705.
                  7. Benjamin Reeves
                  7. Isaac Reeves
                  7. Malachi Reeves
                  7. Burgess Reeves
                  7. Ann Reeves
                  7. John David Reeves, b. 1700, Virginia.
                     +Sarah Thompson,.
                     8. Fannie Rives.
                     8. Thompson Rives.
                     8. Frederick Reeves.
                        +Permilia Parrott.
                     8. Loftin Reeves.
                     8. Wylie Reeves, b. 1765, m. 24 November 1798,
                         Granville Co., NC.; d. 1864 Morgan Co.,
                        +Rebecca Ransome.
                        9. Isaac Newton Reeves
                           +Carolina Victoria Brock
                        9. Wylie Reeves, b. 1792
                        9. James W. Reeves, b. 1794
                        9. John T. Reeves, b. 1796, Granville Co., 
                            NC.; m. Rock Hill, South Carolina; d.
                            1877, Carroll Co., Georgia.
                           +Mary (last name unknown)
                        9. Joseph W. Reeves, 1798
                        9. Thomas Reeves, 1801
                        9. George Washington Reeves, b. 1805, Georgia;
                            m. 1851.
                           +Elizabeth Coffee.
                        9. Henry David Reeves, b. 1804, Tennessee;
                            d. McNeil, Columbia, Arkansas.
                           +Easter J. (Last name unknown) 
                          10. John David Reeves, b. 1826, Columbia 
                               Co., AR; m. McNeil, Columbia, AR;
                               d. McNeil, Columbia, AR.
                              +Nancy White, b. 1829, Tennessee; d.
                                McNeil, Columbia, AR.
                              11. Henry David Reeves, b. 1850, 
                                   McNeil, Columbia, AR; d. Columbia
                                   Co., AR.
                                  +Elizabeth Spillers...see Spillers
                                  12. Madison Floyd Reeves, b. 9 Nov-
                                       ember 1869, Columbia Co., AR;
                                       d. 7 August 1931, Columbia Co.
                                      +lst wife--Nancy Burkhart, b.
                                       1868, Arkansas; m. 26 August
                                       1892, Columbia Co., AR; d.
                                       1901, Columbia Co., AR. 
                                      13. Marion Isaac Reeves, b. 3
                                           Sept. 1893; McNeil, AR;
                                           d. 8 July 1973, Magnolia,
                                           Columbia, AR.
                                          +Mattie Taylor.
                                      13. Henry David Reeves, b. 18
                                           April 1894, McNeil, AR;
                                           d. 25 Sept. 1954, Magnolia
                                          +Georgia Nelson.
                                      13. Lizzie Reeves, b. 14 June
                                           1901, McNeil, AR; d. 1
                                           Feb. 1954, Prescott, AR.
                                          +Ira T. Sneed.
                                   +2nd wife of Madison Floyd Reeves
                                   Worda Francis Sneed, b. 31 Aug.
                                    1891, McNeil, AR; m. 26 Aug. 1892
                                    Columbia Co., AR; d. 28 Aug 1960
                                    Magnolia, Columbia, AR.
                                      13. Bessie Reeves
                                          +Lillard Sneed
                                      13. Beulah Reeves
                                          +Robert Landers
                                      13. Lela Reeves
                                          +Bentley Reaves
                                      13. Floyd Mac Reeves
                                          +Mary Faye White
                                      13. Desser Reeves
                                          +Ray Chapman
                                      13. Dessie Lee Reeves
                                          +Herbert Uriah Stratton
                                      13. Dorothy Lurlene Reeves
                                          +Hampton David Stratton
                                  12. Rose Reeves
                               11.Sarah Reeves, b. 1849
                               11.Eli Reeves, b. 1853
                               11.John Reeves, b. 1854
                               11.Thomas Reeves, b. 1859
                            10. George Reeves, b. 1828, McNeil,
                                 Columbia, AR.
                                +Elizabeth Cox
                            10. Martha J. Reeves, b. 1841
                            10. Isaac J. Reeves, b. 1845    
                            10. Harvey Reeves, b. 1847
                            10. Thomas Reeves, b. 1850
                            10. Mary Reeves, b. 1831
                            10. Henry G. Reeves, b. 1839
                            10. James T. Reeves, B. 1839
      3. Thomas Ryves, b. 1549, Damory Court.
      3. John Ryves, b. Damory Court.

Reeves Family Puzzles

It is believed that Robert Ryves', b. 1490 in Damory Court, England,
parents migrated to England from France.  Can anyone verify this?
We would also like to know who his wife was.

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