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Andrist/Stratton    Genealogy

Welcome to the Andrist/Stratton homepage. Here we share information on our family history that we have found. We will update these pages as more records are found. Our family surnames are: Allen, Andrist, Bailey, Betsch, Brasher, Burris, Hedrick, Reeves, Sneed, Spillers, Stratton, Weaver and many more. We have traced some these lines as far back as the 16th and 15th centuries. Some old photographs will be added later. One page will be devoted to our favorite pasttime, our children. Feel free to surf our pages and come back often. If you find any errors and/or have anything to add please email us. These pages last updated 9 July 1998.

Index of Pages

The Stratton Family
Our Stratton and Allen Ancestors.
The Andrist/Burris Page
A short history and two descendent trees.
The Bailey/Weaver Page
A short history and two descendent trees.
The Brasher Page
A history and descendent tree.
Andstrat Guestbook
Please sign our guestbook.
The Betsch Page
A few notes and a Betsch descendent tree.
The Hedrick Page
A brief history and a Hedrick descendent tree.
The Reeves Page
A brief Reeves history and a descendent tree.
The Sneed Page
A few notes and a Sneed descendent tree.
The Spillers Page
A few Spillers notes and a descendent tree.
Family News and Events
News of interest to our genealogy and list of reunions as we become aware of them.
Our Children
A page devoted to our favorite pasttime--our children. It list their awards, activities and hobbies.
Cosmic Music Store
An internet music store where you order your favorite cds and movies.
My Think Tank!!!
A few of my many thoughts about politics, life and theology.

Our Favorite Links

The Andrist Homepage
An attempt to link all Andrist to one common ancestor.
Rootsweb Database
A large genealogy database.
USGenWeb Database
Another large genealogy database.
Art Studio of Harold Stratton
View and order paintings done by Harold Stratton. Paintings are scenes of Civil War and Southern Life.
Official Homepage of the Arkansas Razorbacks
Covers all men's sports at the University of Arkansas.
Official Homepage of the Arkansas Ladybacks.
Covers all women's sports at the University of Arkansas.
The Electric Art Gallery
View and order artwork of Rolland Golden, internationally acclaimed artist and another Stratton kin.

David Stratton

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