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The Hedrick Page

We now have the Hedrick family traced back to the year 1616 and 
Godtman Heyderick, born in Houpertsweiler, Pfalz, Germany.  Many
thanks to Richard Cottrell who has contributed a tremendous ammount
of data on this line.  We have found this surname spelled Heydrick,
Heidrick, Heidryck, Headrick, plus all of these with an h as the last
letter instead of a k                                              

The family first settled in Lancaster Co., PA in the mid 1700s, 
before migrating down to North Carolina.  From North Carolina,
this family began splitting in different directions, some going
to Tennessee and Missouri and others going west to Mississippi,
Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas.

Descedant Tree of Godtmann Heyderich

1. Lt. Col. Johann Peter Heydrich, b. 17 April 1710, Ulmet, Pfalz,  Germany; d. about 1788, Pennsylvania.
   +Anna Otilia Blum, m. 18 March 1730/31, Rhineland, Prussia;
     d. about 1758, Pennsylvannia.
   2. Johann Peter Hedrick, b. 17 December 1732, Ulmet, Pfalz,
        Germany; d. 24 January 1798; Salisbury, Rowan, North Carolina.
      +Margaret Hoerchelradt b. 1743, Germany; m. 23 October
        1760, Lancaster, Pa.; d. 11 July 1800, Salisbury, Rowan, NC.
      3. Casper Hedrick, b. 1764, Salisbury, Rowan, NC; d. 1837,
           Cassity, Lumpkin, Georgia.
         +Margaret Mary (last name unknown).
         4. John Hedrick, b. 1794, Rowan Co., NC; d. 1837, Lumpkin, 
            +Nancy (last name unknown), d. about 1880.
            5. Casper Lafayette Hedrick, b. 1823, Habersham Co., Ga.;
                 d. in Wayne Co., Missouri.
               +Ann Gilbert, b. 1825, Habersham Co., Ga.; d. in 
                 Wayne Co., Mo.
               6. Nancy Anne Hedrick, b. 1846 in Ga.; d. 25 July
                    1905, Ellsinore, Wayne, Mo.
                  +Hampton House Stratton (2)...see Stratton Page
               6. Rosetta C. Hedrick, b. 1842.
               6. Cynthia Hedrick, b. 1847.
                  +Joseph Brown
               6. William H. Hedrick
                  +Susan Stratton, b. 1851, Obion Co. Tennessee.
                     See Stratton Page.
               6. Debbie Anne Hedrick, b. 1847, d. 1860.
            5. Francis M. Hedrick, b. 1833 in Georgia.
Below is a descendant tree from Godtmann Heyderich to Lt. Col.
Johann Peter Hedrick.

1. Godtmann Heyderich, b. about 1616, Houspertsweiler, Pfalz,
   +Margarothen Unknown, b. abt. 1617, m. abt. 1637, d. 24 August
    1667, Houpertsweiler, Pfalz, Germany.
   2.  Johann Elders Heyderich
   2.  Johann Abrahm Heyderich, b. about 1649, d. 20 Dec. 1716.
   2.  Anthonius Heyderich, b. 25 Jan. 1651/52, d. 24 May 1723.
   2.  Hans Adam Heyderich, b. about 1654, Ulmet Pfalz, Germany;
        d. 17 Jan. 1729/30, Oberalben, Pfalz, Germany.
      *1st wife of Hans Adam
       +Marie Catheina Unknown, b. about 1654, Oberalben, Pfalz,
         Germany; m. about 1674; d. 12 Feb 1692.
       3.  Marie Margaretha Heyderich
       3.  Johann Casper Heyderich
       3.  Marie Dorothea Heyderich
       3.  Johann Jacob Heyderich
      *2nd wife of Hans Adam
       +Elisabetha Fausten, b. about 1672, Oberalben, Pfalz, Germany;
         m. 27 Nov 1693, Ulmet Pfalz, Germany.
       3.  Anna Apollina Heydrich
       3.  Marie Barbara Heydrich
       3.  Anna Margaretha Heydrich
       3.  Johann Nickle Heydrich
       3.  Johann George Heydrich
       3.  Marie Margaretha Heydrich
       3.  Lt. Col. Johann Peter Heydrich, see above.
      *3rd wife of Hans Adam
       +Catherine Hummor Weiser, b. 26 Feb 1717, m. 12 Dec 1780,
           d. 8 Dec. 1793

Hedrick Family Puzzles

Who were the parents of Anne Gilbert, the wife of Casper Lafayette
Hedrick?  I have heard she was adopted, can anyone verify this and/
or supply other information about her?

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