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Our Brasher Family

This is one our most successful searches to date.  The Brasher family
dates back to around 1612 in France to Benoist de Brassieur.  In search for religious freedom, Benoist, a Huegonot, left France going
first to Holland.  Not finding what he was looking for in Holland,
the family moved to England, finally settling in Maryland.

We have found the spelling of this surname changed quit often.  After
arriving in Maryland the spelling changed to Brashears and finally,
Brasher.  We have also found the following spellings: Brasier, Braser,
Brashier, Boshears, Broshears, Brashiers, Broshiers, Brazer, Brazier
and Bradshaw.

After coming to America, the family migrated to Virginia, North 
Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana
and Arkansas.

Brasher Descendent Tree

1. Benoist de Brassieur, b. 1612, France; d. December 1662, 
    Calvert Co., MD.
   +Mary Richford, b. 1616; d. 1668, Calvert Co., MD.
   2. Robert Brashears, b. 1640, Prince George Co., MD.; d.
       1712, Prince George Co., MD.
      + Alice Spriggs Jackson, b. 1660, Prince George Co., MD.
       3. Robert Brasher, b. 1686, Calvert Co., MD.
          +Mary (last name unknown), b. 1684.
          4. Thomas Brasher, b. 10 October 1706, Calvert Co., MD.;
              m. 1 Feb. 1728, Prince George Co., MD.
             +Sarah Constance
             5. Aquilla Brasher, b. 28 July 1740; d. 1841, Shelby
                 Co., Al.
                +Irene Cox, d. 1842, Alabama.
                6. William Harem Brasher, b. in Alabama.
                   +Elizabeth Long
                   7. Aquilla Brasher, b. 24 Aug. 1829, Pickens
                       Co., Al.; m. 11 Sept. 1856, Milner, Columbia,
                       Ar.; d. 19 Sept. 1894, McNeil, Columbia, Ar.
                      +Martha Amanda White, b. 1838, Milner,
                       Columbia, Ar.; d. 19 Sept. 1912, Milner,
                       Columbia, Ar.
                      8. Martha Brasher, b. 1857, Columbia Co, Ar.;
                          m. 22 March 1870, Columbia Co., Ar.
                          d. Columbia Co., Ar.
                         +George Washington Sneed.
                      8. Samuel Aquilla Brasher, b. 1852, Milner,
                          Columbia, Ar.
                         +Eliza Staggs.
                      8. Andrew Jackson Brasher, b. 19 April 1859,
                          Milner, Columbia, Ar.
                         +Elizabeth Powell.
                      8. Susan Brasher, b. 1862, Milner, Columbia,
                         +Elizie Minor
                      8. Richard Aquilla Brasher, b. 8 June 1864,
                          Milner, Columbia, Ar.
                         +Hattie Powell
                      8. Francis Elizabeth Brasher, b. 23 March
                          1870, Milner, Columbia, Ar.
                         +George Washington Burchfield.
                      8. Walter Bird Brasher, b. 25 Oct. 1876,
                          Milner, Columbia, Ar.
                         +Francis Jane Burchfield
                      8. Mattie Brasher, b. 6 June 1880, Milner,
                          Columbia, Ar.
                         +H.L. Sneed
                   7. Rachel Brasher, b. 1819.
                   7. Tarlton Brasher, b. 18 Oct. 1855
                      +Amanda Sharmon
                   7. Tabitha Brasher, b. 1834
                   7. Alfred Brasher, b. 1838, in Alabama
                      +Bracey Galoway
                6. Samuel Brasher
                6. Micajah Brasher
             5. Thomas Brasher
             5. Henry Brasher
             5. John Brasher, b. 23 May 1736
             5. Samuel Brasher
             5. William Brasher, b. 18 Nov. 1727
             5. Elizabeth Brasher, b. 15 May 1729
             5. Elizabeth Brasher, b. 25 Nov. 1733
          4. Mary Brasher
          4. Cassandra Brasher
          4. Rachel Brasher
          4. Samuel Brasher, b. in Maryland, d. 1822, South
             +Hannah Cox
          4. Elizabeth Brasher, b. 25 Nov. 1733.
          4. Sarah Brasher, b. 12 June 1744
          4. Hannah Brasher
       3. Priscilla Brasher, b. 4 March 1711 
       3. Leonard Brasher, b. 26 Sept. 1714
       3. Elizabeth Brasher, b. 27 March 1721
    2. Benjamin Brasher, b. 1642
    2. John Brasher, b. 1644
    2. Mary Brashears, b. 1646
    2. Ann Brashears, b. 1648
    2. Martha Brashears, b. 1652
    2. Elizabeth Brasher, b. 1654
    2. Susanna Brasher

Family Puzzles

To my knowledge, no one has found the parents of Benoist de Brassieur. If you know who he is let us know. As soon as we know, it will be added to the tree. Sarah Constance was either a sister, or a lst cousin of Martha Washington, the first first lady of the United States. Part of the family lived next door to the Washingtons in New York. Can you tell us what relation Sarah was to Martha. They both had the same maiden surname.

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