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Our Betsch Family

Like most surnames, the Betsch names has also been found with
various spellings.  The earliest spelling we have found is Batsch
found in Germany in the early 1800s. After coming to America,
Batsch became Betsch and later some members of the family, 
went to the spelling Bates.

While we do not know the first of this line's first name, we do
know he spelled his name Batsch and married to an Eva )last
name unknown). Eva was born in August 1825 in Luxembourg, Ger-
many and died in Ferdinand, In., the year of death was 1877.

The Betsch Descendent Tree

1. ?? Batsch.
   +Eva (last name unknown), b. 1823, Luxembourg, Germany;
     d. 1877, Ferdinand, Indiana.
   2. August Andrew Betsch, b. August 1861, Meinrid, IN.; d.
       1 August 1918, Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas.
      +Mary Feller, b. 1859, Indiana; m. in Huntington, IN.;
        d. 1 October 1934, Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas.
      3. Matthew Betsch, b. 22 March 1887, Meinrid, IN.; d.
          1956, Winnsboro, Louisana.
         +Nancy Pearline Bailey, b. 19 February 1910, Sikeston,
           Missouri; m. 9 September 1922, Camden, Ouachita, AR.
         4. Mary Virginia Betsch, b. 17 May 1925, Camden, 
             Ouachita, AR.; m 19 Feb. 1947, Winnsboro, LA.;
             d. 23 Sept. 1976, Magnolia, Columbia, AR.
            +Isaac Daniel Andrist, b. 23 Sept. 1919, Stamps,
              Lafayette, AR.; d. 30 April 1997, El Dorado, Union,
         4. Ruth Betsch, b. 5 Feb. 1927, Camden, Ouachita, AR.
            +Lloyd Pennington, b. 1944, Camden, Ouachita, AR.;
              d. 1995, Camden, Ouachita, AR.
         4. Christine Betsch, b. 1923, Camden, Ouachita, AR.;
             d. 18 October 1990, Camden, Ouachita, AR.
            +lst Husband--Gerald Amos Branson, b. 1923, Evansville,
              Missouri; d. Missouri.
            +2nd Husband--Eugene V. "Debs" Elledge, b. 17 July
              1909, Hull, Pike, Illinois; m. 12 August 1955, St.
              Louis, Mo.; d. 31 Dec. 1970, Poplar Bluff, Ripley,
         4. Olivia Joy Betsch, b. 1928, Camden, Ouachita, AR.;
             d. 1929, Camden, Ouachita, AR.
      3. Anna M. Betsch, b. in Meirid, IN.; d. 27 Feb. 1968, St.
          Louis, Mo.
         +Cornelius P. Flynn, b. Meinrid, IN; m. St. Louis, Mo.;
           d. 29 Jan. 1972, St. Louis, Mo.
      3. Bazel Betsch, b. Meinrid, IN.; d. Nalaga, WA.
         +Olive (Last name unknown).
      3. August Andrew Betsch, b. 10 Feb. 1895; Meinrid, IN.;
          d. 22 Sept. 1962, St. Louis, Mo.
         +Ruby Kathryn O'Rear, m. 25 Feb. 1962, Camden, Ouachita,
      3. Bertha C. Betsch, b. 1888, Meinrid, IN.; d. 2 April 1947,
          St. Louis, MO.
         +William E. Kelly, b. 29 Sept. 1877, Ohio; d. 13 Oct.
           1946, St. Louis, MO.
      3. Martin Betsch, b. Meinrid, IN.; d. Rgina, Saskatchewan, 
      3. Ferdenand Betsch, b. Ferdinand, IN.
      3. Rosil Betsch.

Family Puzzles

What was Eva Batsch's husbands first name and birth and death
dates?  Was he also from Luxembourg, Germany and what were his
parents names?

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