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Our Bailey and Weaver Families

We have traced our Bailey line back to  Dover, Clinton, Ohio and the
year 1827 so far.  Not much is known about the Bailey family except
they migrated from Ohio to Southeast Missouri and finally down to 
South Arkansas. 

Once again in the search of our Weavers, we hit a snag in the 1800s.
The first in line is Eanoch Weaver (date of birth unknown)but we have
not been able to locate his parents.  Eanoch was married to a full
blood Cherokee, who hung in 1903.

Bailey and Weaver Descendent Trees

The Bailey Family
1.  Daniel David Bailey, b. unknown; m. 3 March 1827, Dover, Clinton,
      Ohio; d. unknown.
    +Elizabeth Moorman.
    2. Granderson Edwin Bailey, b. 3 March 1837, Dover Clinton, Ohio.
    2. Elizabeth Ann Bailey, b. 31 February 1838, Dover, Clinton, Ohio
    2. Barclay Thomas Bailey, b. 29 December 1843, Dover, Clinton, 
         Ohio; m. 21 December 1871, Green Co., Ohio.
       +Emma Oren.
       3. Levi Bailey, b. 1874, Highland Co., Ohio; m. Sikeston, 
            Missouri; d. July 1953, Camden, Ouachita, Arkansas.
          +Louli Weaver, b. 31 May 1872; m. Sikeston, Missouri;
            d. 1912, East Prairie, Missouri.
          4. Nancy Pearline Bailey, b. 19 February 1910, Sikeston,
              Missouri; m. 9 September 1923, Camden, Ouachita,
             +1st husband--Matthew Betsch.
             +2nd husband--Sam Ricketts.
          4. Rose Bailey, b. unknown, d. 1917.
          4. Edward Bailey, b. unknown, d. 1914.
          4. Zodius Bailey, b. unknown, d. 1916.
          4. Eva Lee Bailey, b. Joplin, Missouri; m. 1921, Paragould,
               Arkansas; d. 1964, Joplin, Missouri.
             +Charlie Sutton.
          4. Bessie Bailey, b. 21 December 1924.
             +Earl Reddin.
       3. Daniel Eldon Bailey, b. 1875.
          +Cora Lewis.
       3. Morris W. Bailey, b. 1877.
       3. Cora Bailey
          +Will Weaver.

The Weaver Family
1.  Eanoch Weaver, b. unknown; d. 1930 in Illionis.  Burried in East
      Prairie, Missouri.
    +Nancy ??, died 1903; buried in East Prairie, Missouri.
    2. Loulie Weaver, b. 31 May 1872, d. 1912, East Prairie, Missouri.
       +Levi Bailey, see above.
    2. Rindy Weaver, b. Carol, Illinois.
       +Jim Holt.
    2. Betty Weaver, b. in Harvell, Missouri.
       +Will Bennett.
    2. Willis Weaver, b. Peoria, Illinois.
       +Cora Bailey.
    2. Charlie Weaver
    2. Arvil Weaver
    2. James Weaver, b. 18 November 1873; d. May 1973, Parma, Missouri
    2. Joseph Weaver, b. 18 November, 1873.

Family Puzzles

Who are the parents of Daniel David Bailey and where did they come

Who are the parents of Eanoch Weaver and where did they come from?

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